Fitness Exchange relies on many years of professional experience, proven technical expertise, and our vast array of industry resources to design, build and maintain a state-of-the-art facility. We are well equipped to meet your commercial fitness needs including concept and planning, equipment consultation, delivery, installation, training, and service.

Visualize the look and feel of your future facility. Our Fitness Exchange professionals create customized facility layouts to maximize your floor space and ensure a safe, user-friendly environment for your clients. Customization includes development of a new space or renovations to an existing area.

With 3D design, we are able to show customers exactly what their facility will look like. We present customers with a variety of 3D images so they can truly see how their facility will look with new fitness equipment, athletic flooring, or a redesigned layout. For a complete feel of being in the facility, we can also provide 3D video walkthroughs of the new fitness design.